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Extension Aftercare

Thank you so much for visiting us at Out! Raleigh Pride 2024!

To keep your hair healthy and your new rainbow fresh, follow these simple steps:


  • Avoid applying conditioner or styling product to the tape on your tape in extension. Certain products can cause the adhesive to break down causing premature slipping.

  • When detangling, use one hand to hold the tape and brush from the bottom up to prevent breakage.

  • Use cold water when shampooing hair to maintain vibrancy and prevent color bleeding.

  • A silk pillowcase, bonnet, or low braid while sleeping can help prevent tugging. Hair extensions should not be wet to go to sleep.

  • It is recommended to avoid chlorine, saltwater, tanning beds, tanning sprays, excessive use of hot tools, and excessive washing to avoid tangling, damage, staining, or fading.

  • Tape in extensions are designed to be worn up to 4-6 weeks. Use the online booking feature to schedule your move up or removal appointment, located under the "New Client" tab. Removals are complimentary and move ups are available at regular pricing.

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