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Long hair, don't care

HairCraft Studios offers tape-in, beaded, fusion, hand-tied, and topper extensions to support your budget and desired style.

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Hair extensions; hand tied extensions; fusion/keratin extensions; topper extensions; tape in extensions; beaded extensions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which method is the best?

HairCraft Studios carries several hair extension methods for every hair type and desired result. During your consultation, your stylist will be able to talk you through your options to meet any budget and lifestyle.

How much do extensions cost?

Our extensions range anywhere from $400-$1,500 for your first appointment, which includes the cost of the hair, installation, and a home maintenance product package. Price is determined by hair density, extension method, and the tiered pricing for the stylist performing the service.

How often will I have to come in?

Most methods will need maintenance appointments every 4-6 weeks, while others can require as little as every 3 months.

Will extensions damage my hair?

Properly installed extensions do not damage hair, but not all hair is able to support extensions. Your stylist will be able to examine your hair during your consultation to determine which method, if any, can give you the style you want while maintaining the health of your hair.

Can I still do conditioning treatments?

It is recommended for certain methods that conditioning treatments be done by your stylist, as conditioners and certain styling products can break down the bonds and cause extensions to fall out prematurely if applied directly to the point of contact.

Can my extensions be colored?

HairCraft Studios exclusively uses quality extensions which can be custom colored to match any style. Previously purchased hair extensions are not able to be lightened.

Can I still swim and workout with my extensions?

Absolutely! As long as you follow your recommended maintenance as instructed at the end of your appointment, you will be able to continue your usual workout and/or swim routine.

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