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Shadow Program

No more gatekeeping.

We at HairCraft Studios are focused on learning as well as educating. Our shadow program offers multiple options with multiple stylists, depending on the services you want to specialize in.


Book with the talented Cassie Jo for one or three day courses to learn more about vivid color, whether you're an enthusiastic beginner stylist looking for a full, comprehensive, individual learning experience, or a more seasoned stylist looking for a deeper understanding of the world of semis.

Book with owner Eliza Hirst for a one or three day courses to learn all the tips and tricks on haircutting. Choose a one day deep dive on anything from skin fades to razored shags to fill in the gaps in your comfortability behind the chair, or choose a three day full spectrum to touch on a bit of everything for a broader education on more of what you'll see behind the chair.

For the full itinerary and a complete breakdown of everything you'd learn, check out the menu here.

Come Grow  With Us

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