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One Day with @yourlocalhairwitch

  • 10am-11am: Arrive at the salon to a Caribou coffee - on us! We will jump in to a discussion about consultations, including the language we use during gender affirming services to describe elements of a haircut.

    11am-2pm: Follow along as Eliza walks you through every move she makes through two haircuts and explains the choices she makes throughout.

    2pm-3pm: Time for a provided lunch. Take this time to relax before the last half of the day, or ask any questions you have about anything you've learned so far. Your choice.

    3pm-5pm: Eliza will continue with a couple more haircuts, this time a bit sped up. We will go over all the same information from the first half of the day, stopping periodically to check in so that you can ask the questions you need to. 

    5pm-7pm: More haircuts, a bit hands on. We will provide you with two models to take on with your comfort level in mind. Eliza will be right there with you the whole way to help you build confidence and muscle memory. Practice makes progress.

    7pm-8pm: Recap the day discussing what you learned, anything you need clarification on, and wrap up with a review of your current social media presence - what you're doing right and what you could do differently.

  • Due to stylist availability, purchase is required to book no less than one month prior to the day(s) set aside for you to shadow.


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